Indusstan is run by a small team of resident and diaspora Pakistanis that have a love for their nation. Our team's budget is fairly small, and our resources are limited. Despite this, we have a lot of passion for Indusstan, and we know many of you do too. There are two major ways that you can help us. The first is by telling your family and friends about Indusstan, and sharing our content on social media. You can find our social media links at the bottom of our website within our footer. The other major way you can aid Indusstan is by purchasing a premium membership. As we release new story pieces, there will be exclusive additions for premium subscribers that contain bonus content. The proceeds from your subscription will allow us to feed our team members and onboard additional talent. We hope to hire as many Pakistanis as possible, and play our role in developing the country's creative sector and national economy.

Thank you for checking us out and supporting our work. Pakistan Zindabad!

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